3 hours long TV program aired live on friday on “RAI 1”

25 episodes – 1986 from 7th february to 27th june
33 episodes – 1987 from 7th november to 12 june

For the first time in Italy Disney’s shorts were on live television.


In every episode two families challenge each other in skill competition, interpersed with guests, musics, silly quizzes and Disney short films.
Set design included a Tv Monitors pyramid created by “Studio Azzurro” that kept time of phone quizzes and interacted with the hosts in a creative way.

Raiuno 22-3-1986 - Pista!

Miki Porru "Straniero" ospite "Pista!"


Cast Tecnico


Maurizio Nichetti con Orsetta Gregoretti - Daniela Goggi - Margherita Pace (1986) - Shirine Sabet (1987) e la Banda Osiris
Luigi Martelli (1986) Lucio Testa (1987)
Curated by
Luigi Martelli e Carmela Lisabettini
Dirigente settore ragazzi
Luciano Scaffa