TV movie.
Filmed from 30th june and the first of august  2008, for a total of 25 days of shooting.
First broadcasted: Canale 5 ,winter 2008

Director's notes

Once again an hospital fiction!…When they asked me to shoot “Dottor Clown”, my first thaught was, i admit, to run away.
Then a distand memory stopped me. Hadn’t i got a degree in architecture with a thesis about Futurism and the ‘900 artistic vanguards?…Hadn’t i choosed that thesis after reading “CONTRODOLORE”, futurist manifesto by Aldo Palazzeschi?…A writing that, way before “Patch Adams”, had theorized about to bring clowns in the hospital ward.
Surely a provocation, but also a desperate attempt to let a sick person to live outside his illness, fromthe aseptic logic of the medical bulletins, the right to be considered a person instead of a medical record.
A manifesto against the false piety, the rhetoric of sadness, the banality of useless tears.
I stopped, turned back… I’m sure: it’s not enough to cure diseases, you also need to cure the patients.

Promo dottorclown

Cast Artistico

Massimo Ghini
Serena Autieri
Angela Finocchiaro
Franco Trevisi
Simona Borioni
Francesco Venditti
Jennifer Poli
Fabio Bussotti
Daniele Trambusti
Luca Lombardi
Samia Kassir
Simona Caparrini
Francesca Ceci
Andrea Garinei
Christian Circi
Samuel Colungi
Simona Marchini
Enzo Garinei

Cast Tecnico


Roberta Colombo - Maurizio Nichetti - Faliero Rosati
Maurizio Nichetti
Director of photography
Gino Sgreva
Davide Bassan
Luciano Capozzi
Andrea Pica
Maurizio De Angelis
RTI prodotta da Guido de Angelis per DAP ITALY s.r.l.